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Albert, the great voyageur...

1955 was a good year...

and so was 1975...

Living the good life on the Oregon Coast

Mt Ellis Academy Reunion in Portland, OR

Hawaiian Mission Academy Reunion in Loma Linda, CA

A day in Pasadena, CA...

to visit “Sister”

Taking Sister, Antoinette Gomes, MD, out on the town

Mt Ellis Academy Reunion in Bozeman, MT

Back to were it all began in Hilo, HI

A great day to explore the Big Island

Getting in touch with my roots

Visiting with Auntie Marion

A great day for a walk in the palms...

or by the sea

Checking out Auntie Marion’s property

Michele said this was a good idea...

I‘m not so sure!

In Lapahoehoe, HI, where my mother taught

Catching up with Dorothy, my college roomate...

in her beautiful state of Colorado

A day at Hollywood Beach, WA

Checking out Tolovana Beach, OR

The Annual Oregon Tulip Festical in Woodburn, OR

A wonderful 4th of July with my progeny

Hank Meek’s funeral in Oregon

A day with my daughter at her favorite beach

Heading out on my Alaska Adventure

Checking out the calving glaciers

An adventure indeed!

Enjoying some sun on the deck...

and relaxing along the way

Another day in Colorado

My kids before...

and after - they grew up quick!
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