My daughter & I enjoyed planning the trip together.

Viewing the grandeur of Paris in front of Notre-Damme de Paris.

A warm day at Hampton Court Palace on the River Thames.

Investigating the vast Tudor Kitchens at Hampton Court Palace.

Enjoying an authentic repast in London Town.

Studying the passage of time at Avebury Stone Circles and Henge, Wiltshire, England.

Visiting with Barney on the stairs of South Allington House at Chivelstone, Kingsbridge, Devon.

Meeting Michele's friend "Poos" at her home—Mark's Cottage, New Forest, Hampshire.

Reminiscing about the past in du Parc de Bagatelle, Paris.

Taking in history at the Universidade de Coimbra along the Costa de Prata (Silver Coast) of Portugal.

Enjoying a stroll at Cabo da Roca, Portugal, the westernmost point on the continent of Europe.

Musing on past trips to Toledo's Alcazar Fortress in Spain.

Ready to board the ferry across the great Rio Tejo to Lisbon, Portugal.

A warm day and beautiful vista at Lands End, England.

Running around the ramparts of Carcassone, France.

Stay tuned for the next adventure...
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