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Many of the sites referenced in these links were compiled by organizations, medical professionals or researchers with a special interest in the subject matter. These pages are not a substitute for medical adice. If you have a symptom you are concerned about or a medical problem, you should seek the advice of a physician or other competent healthcare professional who is knowledgeable in the relevant field. The use of the information set out in these links does not establish any contractual or other form of physician-patient relationship with the reader. Confidential and proprietary information should not be transmitted via e-mail. In addition, please note that some of these Internet resources may require registration and a small fee for information. Check links for further information. And finally, should any of these resources become unavailable, or should you want to suggest additions to any of these pages, please let me know. Thank you for visiting my site.


I started this site in February of 2020 to share resources I have found useful during this time of SARS-CoV-2, also known COVID-19 or just Coronavirus.

If you are a healthcare professional or first responder, I recommend the first section which links to medcram YouTube videos. These updates, ordered by month, contain extensive literature and data review by Roger Seheult, MD, co-founder of medCram.com. Dr. Seheult is a clinical and exam preparation instructor who is Board Certified in Internal Medicine, Pulmonary, Critical Care and Sleep Medicine. These informative videos are heavy on medical science, molecular physiology and research, as well as immunity modulation, preservation, treatment and testing options and provide a valuable insight into the evolving picture of this disease.

For both healthcare professionals and the general public, I highly recommend the next section, which links to Dr. John Campbell's pandemic YouTube videos. These updates, ordered by month, contain an ongoing review of evolving healthcare, immunity and virology science, interviews with international healthcare providers and patients as well as a reviews of current scientific literature, data and trends. Dr. Campbell is a retired A&E (Accident & Emergency) care nurse and nurse educator. He served as Senior Lecturer in Nursing Studies at the University of Cumbria in Northern England and has taught nursing in Asia and Africa and has many international sources that help make this a very comprehensive review of the day-by-day progression of this disease around the globe.

The next section contains a safety alert, which addresses some misinformation concerning the virus and its treatment, a selection of featured videos and sites to provide insight into the background and future of this pandemic and, finally, a list of links to general COVID-19 information sites for finding coronavirus statistics, research, treatment, trials, and testing information.

I will attempt to keep this list updated weekly. Happy learning!


COVID-19 updates provided by Roger Seheult, MD and associates.


COVID-19 updates provided by Dr. John Campbell.

NOTICE: As of 27 April 2023 I will no longer be updating this resource.


Below you will find the monthly Oregon Health Authority | COVID-19 Updates given by Oregon State Governor Kate Brown and others.


I know that most of you who use this site as a reference would not espouse the treatment suggestions of Donald J Trump, but in case a Trump devotee does decide to do this, here is some advice from someone who has served as a healthcare provider and critical care nurse for 50 years:

  1. DO NOT INGEST or INJECT bleach or any other form of household cleaner. These, along with anti-viral wipes, are extremely toxic to the skin and extremely poisonous if ingested. If you, or someone you know, ingests bleach or household cleaners, call 9-1-1 or your local Poison Control Center immediately for assistance.

  2. Addressing the use of UV LIGHT in treatment of COVID-19: NOTE: there are 3 lengths of UV light from the sun – UV-a (longest wavelength), UV-b (middle wavelength) and UV-c (short wavelength). UV-a and UV-b penetrate the earth’s atmosphere and also human skin tissue, leading to DNA changes and malignancies (cancer). UV-c DOES NOT penetrate the earth’s atmosphere but can be replicated on earth. It is this shorter wavelength that has been used for years in hospitals to eliminate TB and other pathogens in the atmosphere and on surfaces using UV-c lamps. This type of light, which does NOT cause cancer, can be used to sanitize large public spaces such as train stations, hotels, schools, theaters and office buildings. It should be used when humans are not present (prior or post area use) and cannot be ingested, injected or in any other way placed inside the human body.

  3. And finally, the use of Hydroxychloroquine with or without Azithromycin is NOT recommended by the research. In fact, the largest studies reveal either no difference in recovery rates or a higher death rate using this drug. Hydroxychloroquine elongates the Q-T wave (in the electrical pathway of the heart) which can lead to lethal arrhythmias (abnormal heart rhythms leading to ventricular fibrillation) and sudden death.

And now for the future of combating COVID-19 based on science and legislation, click on image below...



Want to know more about the mRNA vaccine? ... and as it is now known that COVID-19 is associated with coagulopathy (endotheliopathy) you might want to do this GOOGLE search for updates ... and in case you were thinking of returning to restaurants and closed office spaces... and the terrifying reality of renting in the age of COVID-19... An astounding animated graphic...

NOTE: You may be experiencing a barrage of irritating ads on some of these (and other) YouTube sites by Epoch Times. This is the political/propaganda arm of the Chinese cult Fulan Gong, which is spending millions right now to spread misinformation across all social media platforms (Facebook included). BEWARE!

Michele Engel, RN


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